At SPATIUM Employment-Labor Laws practice covers broadly the following services:

  • Preparation of Work Regulations / HR Manual / Staff Handbook / Standing Orders:
  • Drafting and documentation of conditions of service, social benefits, rules and regulations, code of ethics, disciplinary and grievance matters, leaves, benefits and various other policies.
  • Conducting Audit / Due Diligence/ Compliance Review of Labour Laws:
  • Inspection of records, highlighting discrepancies and advising remedial measures.
  • Conducting on-spot physical inspection of factories and establishments.

We also assist our clients in:

  • Preparation of Employees Code of Conduct, Sexual Harassment Policy Etc:
  • Drafting a policy/ manual/ code of fair ethics and good conduct applicable to employees at workplace and outside workplace for strengthening the image/brand of the company and minimizing the risk of violation of the applicable laws. We also assist companies in framing suitable policy and procedure to prevent and deal with sexual harassment of women employees at work place.
  • Advice on Social Security and Insurance Benefits:
  • Advising on Social Security Laws and compliance requirements as well as various social security issues and providing assistance to the management for complying with the health and safety issues.

  • Contracts: Advising and drafting business transfer agreements wherein employees are transferred to another company, drafting of Employment Contracts, Retainer-ship
  • Agreement, Termination Letter, Probation Clauses, Non-Disclosure Agreements, Confidentiality
  • Agreement, Secondment Agreement (inbound/outbound), etc.
  • We also advise management for ensuring compliance with applicable provisions relating to social benefits, bonus, gratuity, provident fund, worker’s compensation welfare, health, safety and conditions of service of contract labor to ensure compliance of the provisions envisaged therein.

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