Peter M. Kahindi

Managing Partner

10 Years’ Experience

Peter is the Managing Partner.

Peter’s experience as a Legal Practitioner spans 10 years.

He prior to joining the firm, worked with the Law Reform Commission and the Uganda Revenue Authority in the (Business) Policy Division of the Domestic Department where was on a supervisor level in charge of initiating tax policy amendment, presenting them for discussion and probable consideration by the Minister for Finance, Planning and Economic Development. Peter later joined private practice, together with three other gentlemen decided to come together and incorporate a general legal practice Firm known as PACE Advocates, which he also managed and administered until September 2020.

Given his roles throughout his ten years of practice, Peter has gathered experience in business management, administration and leadership. He has also been fortunate to have, on a regular basis, advised several Clients, right from their set-up in Uganda to their day to day operations as and when the services of a legal and tax expert are required. These include but are not limited to four regional insurance companies, a €5M multinational involved in fish farming among others.

Peter has also advised two high net worth Clients in the area of project planning and management right from the bidding processes to the management and performance of the respective contracts/tenders up to conclusion. The projects on which he advises are related to the provision of transport and information technology solutions to the government of Uganda spanning fourteen years.

Peter holds a Bachelor of Laws from Uganda Christian University, a Post Graduate Diploma in Legal Practice from the Law Development Centre, Uganda.

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